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Welcome to Sawhney Consulting. We are a reputable firm of Chartered Certified Accountants and Registered Auditors (ACCA) boasting decades of experience in the field. With a rich legacy spanning over three decades, Sawhney Consulting stands as the trusted UK affiliate of the esteemed PBG Group. Our firm offers an extensive range of financial services customized to suit your business requirements. From meticulous Accounting and Bookkeeping, Payroll, and Taxation services to strategic consulting, we are committed to facilitating your journey towards financial success.


With decades of experience, we bring a deep understanding of financial matters, making us a reliable partner for all your financial needs.


Our commitment to excellence ensures that our clients receive top-tier services, accurate advice, and reliable solutions for their financial concerns.


In a constantly evolving financial landscape, we pride ourselves on our ability to stay current with changing regulations and market conditions.

Why Partner With Us?

Putting You First: Our Client-Centric Commitment
We firmly believe that our success is directly linked to yours, which is why we are fully committed to providing you with the utmost level of service and support. Our priority lies in understanding your needs, tailoring our services accordingly, and offering guidance to help you achieve your financial objectives.

Our Services

We are a highly skilled accounting company specialising in a wide range of services, including payroll management, bookkeeping, Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) compliance, VAT services, and the preparation of Annual Statutory Accounts in accordance with UK GAAP. Feel free to get in touch with us today to explore how we can tailor our expertise to meet your specific needs.


We are a highly skilled accounting company specialising in a wide range of services, including payroll, bookkeeping and VAT services.


By partnering with us, you can focus on your core business activities while having the peace of mind that your tax compliance is in capable hands.

Business Advice

To ensure that you start your business on a proper footing Sawhney Consulting, can assist you to plan your vision and business.


We are registered auditor in the UK as authorised by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants to deal with all statutory audit services.


Our experience with Sawhney Consultancy has been nothing short of exceptional. The team’s expertise, professionalism, and commitment to our financial success have truly made a difference in our business. They’ve provided us with invaluable advice, streamlined our accounting processes, and conducted meticulous audits that have brought peace of mind to our operations.

Mark - Director (Vitrum Green Solutions)

Frequently Asked Questions

The benefits to your business are numerous and include:

  • Enhanced Financial Clarity: Our services provide you with a clear, real-time view of your financial status, helping you make informed decisions and manage your resources effectively.

  • Compliance and Risk Mitigation: Our expertise ensures that your business remains compliant with tax and regulatory requirements, reducing the risk of costly penalties and legal issues.

  • Improved Financial Performance: Through tax planning, budgeting, and financial advisory, we can help you optimize your financial performance, increasing profitability and growth potential.

  • Time Savings: By outsourcing financial tasks to our firm, you free up time to focus on core business activities and strategic planning.

  • Access to Expertise: You benefit from our team’s extensive knowledge and experience, which can be especially valuable for complex financial situations and strategic challenges.

  • Peace of Mind: Knowing that your financial matters are being handled by professionals who prioritize accuracy and compliance can provide peace of mind, allowing you to concentrate on growing your business.

Ensuring compliance with the latest tax and accounting regulations is a critical aspect of our service. We employ several strategies and best practices to guarantee that our clients remain up to date and in adherence with the ever-evolving regulatory landscape:

  1. Continuous Education: Our team stays informed by participating in ongoing training and professional development programs. We continuously monitor changes in tax laws, accounting standards, and regulations to understand their implications.

  2. Regulatory Updates: We maintain close relationships with regulatory bodies and professional organizations to receive real-time updates on changes in tax and accounting regulations. This allows us to be proactive in our approach to compliance.

  3. Regular Internal Audits: We conduct regular internal audits of our clients’ financial records and processes to ensure they meet current regulatory requirements. This helps us identify and rectify compliance issues promptly.

  4. Customized Compliance Plans: We develop and implement compliance plans that are tailored to each client’s specific industry, location, and business structure. These plans are designed to address the unique challenges and requirements of the client.

  5. Technology Integration: We leverage advanced accounting software and technology to automate compliance tasks and reduce the risk of errors. These tools facilitate real-time updates and reporting, ensuring our clients are always in compliance.

  6. Collaboration and Communication: We maintain open communication with our clients to keep them informed about regulatory changes that may impact their business. We work closely with them to make necessary adjustments to ensure compliance.

  7. Regular Reporting: We provide our clients with regular reports on their financial status, including compliance updates. This allows them to have a clear view of their financial situation and make informed decisions.

  8. Tax Planning: We assist clients in proactively managing their tax obligations, ensuring that they take advantage of available deductions, credits, and incentives while adhering to tax regulations.

  9. Audit Support: In the event of a tax audit, we provide expert guidance and representation, working closely with our clients to navigate the audit process and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

  10. Documentation Management: We help clients maintain meticulous financial records and documentation, which is essential for compliance. This includes accurate record-keeping and proper documentation of financial transactions.

Certainly, we can provide references or case studies from businesses that are similar to yours. Sharing success stories and experiences from our clients who operate in a similar industry or face similar challenges is an effective way to demonstrate our expertise and the value we bring to businesses like yours. These references and case studies can illustrate how we’ve helped others in your field achieve their financial goals, navigate industry-specific challenges, and ensure compliance with relevant regulations.

To proceed with this request, please provide more details about your business, industry, and the specific aspects you are interested in learning about. With this information, we can share relevant references and case studies that align closely with your needs and circumstances.

Tailoring our services to the specific needs of your business is a fundamental aspect of our approach. Here’s how we ensure our services are customized to address your unique requirements:

  1. Initial Consultation: We begin by conducting an in-depth consultation with you to understand your business, its goals, challenges, and specific financial needs. This initial discussion is crucial for us to gain insights into your operations.

  2. Assessment of Your Industry: We consider the industry in which your business operates. Different industries have unique financial requirements, regulations, and challenges. Understanding your industry is essential for providing tailored solutions.

  3. Customised Service Packages: Based on the information gathered, we design service packages that are specific to your business. These packages can include a combination of accounting, tax, audit, and financial advisory services to address your particular needs.

  4. Compliance with Regulations: We ensure that our services align with the latest tax and accounting regulations relevant to your industry. This is especially important to keep your business in compliance and avoid any potential legal or financial issues.

  5. Financial Goals Alignment: We work with you to define your financial goals and objectives. Whether it’s maximizing profitability, minimizing tax liabilities, or achieving growth, our services are designed to help you reach these targets.

  6. Continuous Monitoring: Our team continually monitors your financial health and keeps an eye on industry trends. If circumstances change, we adjust our services to accommodate new challenges or opportunities.

  7. Responsive Support: We provide responsive and dedicated support to address your ongoing questions and concerns. If you face unexpected financial issues or require guidance, we are there to assist you promptly.

  8. Technology Integration: We leverage advanced accounting software and technology to tailor our services for your specific operational needs. This technology can streamline processes, provide real-time insights, and enhance your decision-making capabilities.

  9. Regular Reporting: We provide regular reports and updates to keep you informed about your financial status and performance. These reports are customized to present the data and insights that matter most to your business.

  10. Collaboration: We believe in open communication and collaboration with our clients. Your input and feedback are highly valuable, and we incorporate them into our services to ensure they remain closely aligned with your evolving needs.

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